Pania Triple Sec Liqueur
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Triple sec, is a variety of Curaçao liqueur, an orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges. Both triple sec and Curacao are orange-flavored liqueurs. Triple secs are clear, while curacao is either clear or colored. "Sec" is the French word for dry. Triple sec may refer to the schnapps being distilled three times, having triple the flavor, being three times as dry as other spirits. It is typically used as an ingredient in a variety of cocktails, such as Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Sidecar and Cosmopolitan. Pania was a beautiful maiden who lived in the sea on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. By daylight she swam about with creatures of her reef world but after sunset would go to a stream that ran into the bay. She would travel up the stream to an area where she could rest. Karitoki, the very handsome son of a Māori chief, quenched his thirst every evening at the stream because it had the sweetest water. He was unaware she was observing him until one night she whispered a faint spell. It carried on the wind to Karitoki who turned around to see Pania emerge from her hiding place. He had never seen someone so beautiful and instantly fell in love. Pania fell in love also, and they pledged their lives to each other and were secretly married. At sunrise, Pania prepared to leave but Karitoki tried to stop her. She explained that as a creature of the ocean, when the sirens of the sea called her each morning, she could not survive if she did not go to them. She promised to return every evening and their marriage continued on that basis. Karitoki boasted to his friends about his beautiful wife, but no one believed him because they had never seen her. Frustrated by this, he consulted wise elder who knew ocean maidens did exist. He told Karitoki that being a sea creature, Pania would not be allowed to return to the sea if she swallowed cooked food. That night, as she slept, he placed a morsel of cooked food in her mouth. As he did so, an owl called a loud warning and Pania was startled from her sleep. Horrified that Karitoki had put her life in jeopardy, Pania fled to the sea. Her people drew her down into the depths as Karitoki swam frantically about the ocean looking for her. He never saw her again. When people now look deep into the water over the reef, some say they can see Pania with arms outstretched, appealing to her former lover. It is unknown whether she is imploring him to explain his treachery or expressing her continuing love. The sea off Napier is now protected by Moremore, the son of Pania and Karitoki. He is the guardian of the area, a spirit who often disguises himself as a shark, a stingray or an octopus.

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