Wahine Hi'u i'a Pineapple Passionfruit Vodka
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Hawaiian mermaids dance hula undersea captivating the fish as they watch in hypnotized fascination. The islands are filled with special creatures and mythology. But when you can’t catch a plane you can at least have a taste of Polynesia.

Cocktail Ideas

  • Blue Crush needs our Wahine Hi'u i'a pineapple passionfruit vodka, Sea Myst blue curaca, then layer pineapple juice with pina colada mix in a martini glass. You will see the waves for sure.
  • If you want Passion on the Beach start with Wahine Hi'u i'a pineapple passionfruit vodka, add our Sea Myst peach schnapps, then finish with half cranberry juice and half orange juice.