Dive Into Distilling


Gin originated in Holland so of course, ours is named Meermin, the Dutch word for mermaid. Like a cocoon transforming to a butterfly, gin begins as vodka and then is distilled with our custom recipes of botanicals including lavender grown in our garden.


This worldly spirit originated in Scotland which is why we use the Scottish translation for mermaid, Selkie, as our fanciful name.

The common question is about the differences between whiskey, Scotch, bourbon and rye. The example given in research is likened to the idea that all squares (sub-categories of whiskey) are rectangles (whiskey) but not all rectangles (whiskies) are squares (sub-categories).

Further confusion is in the correct spelling. Whiskey is spelled with an "e" in the United States and Ireland (countries with "e" in their names) or without an "e" (whisky) in Scotland and Canada (no "e" in the name of the liquor or the country).

The spirit type is whiskey. All Scotch, bourbon, and rye are whiskies:

    1. Scotch is made in Scotland and must be 51% malted barley.
    2. Bourbon is made in the USA and must be 51% corn.
      1. Bourbon is mostly made in Kentucky (Jim Beam) and Tennessee (Jack Daniels).
      2. Tennessee bourbon must be sugar maple charcoal filtered.
    3. Rye is made in the USA and Canada.
      1. In the US it must be 51% rye (a specific grain).
      2. In Canada it may or may not include rye (can be a variety of grains).


This clear spirit originating in Russia and Poland was traditionally made from potatoes. In today's world it can me made from a variety of sugar sources. Ours is made from grain. Nayada, our vodka, is the translation of mermaid in Russian.


It is the pirate's favorite spirit originating in Latin America so we use the Spanish translation of mermaid or Sirena on our molasses based concoction.

Agave Spirits

Made from agave it makes sense that the fanciful name be Tlanchana which is the mythical mermaid in Mexico.


A liqueur is quite simply a distilled spirit with added flavor that is sweet. It can be enjoyed in a mixed drink or on its own.